Break the City barriers : Compare Property across Cities

Progression, Up-gradation and Adaptation are a part of growing up and Propchill continues it's journey with the resolve to provide an unbiased, granular and comprehensive, comparative analysis of the Indian Real Estate Sector. Now enjoy the new looks and added new features.

Now enjoy the new look of PropChill 2.0 with enhanced features which include :-

  • Comparison of property/projects across cities.
  • Shortlist property using the new segmented approach for projects - Luxury, Mid-Segement and Affordable .
  • Exercise your right and rate projects as per your experience and market intelligence. 
  • Compare projects/property in  a particular locality with our quick links.
  • View the top/best rated projects in different cities.
  • Utilise our enhanced list of Cities which now include Bengaluru , Bhopal and Indore.


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