Compare Real Estate & Property in India across Cities via Graphs, Indexes, Ratings, Segments & Matrices

Investment in Real Estate/Property in India always generates insecurity and nervousness in an investor. Lack of transparency and non-availability of authentic information are the key contributors towards this trust deficit. PropChill endeavours to bridge this gap between investor-Developer-Broker through digital technology, leading to an empowered investor with enhanced decision making capabilities.


  • Propchill is a Real Estate platform which has been developed over a period of two years and unlike other real estate portals it does not merely provide listings of properties /projects. It caters for features which enable a user/investor to Compare projects /property across five independent verticals, namely, Design, Specifications, Conveniences, Propinquity (location) and Cost.
  • Rating and Indexing has been carried out across each of these verticals  which take into account 100+ facets of the property /project. There are comprehensive analysis available through visual as well as graphical content which ease out the comparisons and empower an investor's decision making cycle.

The Al-a-Carte

We do not List, We Compare


  • ​The five verticals provide the necessary granular analysis to a user for shortlisting his choice of property as under :-
    • Design – which breaks down the floor map of the property and also provides the carpet area.
    • Specifications – breakdown of the finish being given within the property.
    • Conveniences – facilities being provided as part of the project/complex.
    • Propinquity – facilities in terms of schools, shopping area, hospitals, public conveniences etc., existing as well as planned in the general area.
    • Cost – a complete breakdown of the overall cost to be paid for the property, also provides graphical tool to assess the Return on Investment (ROI) as per the market rates. ​
  • Ratings and Graphology. All the properties/projects are rated as well as ranked independently, across the above verticals using  custom designed algorithms. ​The Graphology section provides indepth analysis and comparisons through easy to comprehend graphs, which range from pie, bar, histogram, composite to bubble.
  • ​Segmentation.  Projects have also been segmented into three categories namely, Luxury, Mid-Segment and Affordable.  This provides an investor with greater flexibility towards his/her selection. 
  • ​User Rating. Propchill facilitates total investor empowerment and allows him/her to rate projects based on their experience, knowledge and expertise. This feedback is available to other users/investors.
  • Propchill 2.0 - Our new version allows a user to compare properties/projects across different cities. ​For eg. a user can pick up properties/projects across Gurgaon, Noida, Bhopal, Indore Bengaluru or Chennai and compare them based on the above verticals.

PropChill - Ushering reality in Realty...


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