PropChill Launches-Insights, a Real Estate Analysis Based on Liveability Index of Cities in India

View the Liveability Index of cities in India based on six independent pillars, and use it alongwith indepth Real Estate market analysis to enhance the decision making cycle.

The response PropChill has received over the last few months has kept the team motivated to develop enhanced  features and of-course “progression is the name of the game”.

PropChill now present “Insights” -

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Even if one is not a real estate enthusiast, have a look at the liveability index of Indian cities and localities based on 6 independent pillars. It is a drill down analysis which starts at the level of India and goes down to cities and further to localities. Can assure, you won’t find a more detailed and concise analysis of cities in India on a single platform.

Liveability Index has been calculated for cities based on 6 independent pillars, namely, Infrastructure, Demography, Socio-economics, Services, Housing and Topo-Environment.  The data has been collated from government census and financial reports. For localities a Liveability-Investment Index has been calculated based on 5 pillars, namely,  Infrastructure, Connectivity, Conveniences, Price -stability and Lutyen's ratings. Both the Indexes are independent of each other.